How To Use A Golf Rangefinder – Tips And Tricks

How To Use A Golf Rangefinder

Tips And Tricks On How To Use A Golf Rangefinder

How To Use A Golf RangefinderRangefinders are now becoming increasingly popular as more and more of professional golfers are opting for these smart devices that were initially built for construction world. Since now golf has become one of the favorite games all around the world, golfers feel more confident and enjoys high intensity games with the use of these high-end range finding devices. More accuracy and confidence of playing over the golf course has made this game even more interesting for them. There are different kinds of rangefinders available in market today. You can get a laser rangefinder or a GPS rangefinder and that really depends upon your preferences and your play. No matter which one you opt for, rangefinders are not really difficult to use and following our tips and tricks on how to use a golf rangefinder effectively.

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Steps to Follow

  1. First of all, you need to get a rangefinder that can offer you a maximum range even beyond the hole that is the longest one on your golf course. To take most benefits of these devices during golf games, you must have a device with range more than 500 yards so that you can enjoy a clear complete view of hole over par 5.
  2. Always have a complete knowledge of the magnification levels and incremental values that your golf rangefinder offers well before using it in your game. It is best to have a device where you can adjust for each yard and if it has good degree of magnification so that you can have a clear picture of target.
  3. When you are using golf range finding device for golfing, you must be standing outside the tee markers. It is requirement of quick golf playing game for you’re to stand outside the markets and others stay ahead of you. Be sure that you do not have fellow golfers in your view. A clear view would ensure a good and confident shot.
  4. Before you make a swing, completely focus on the golf target spot. This is where many golfers tend to make mistakes where they forget to take in to account the rest of the course while looking only at their target.
  5. Rangefinder eyehole must be adjusted on the first hole in order to make sure that you remain in a comfortable position throughout the game.If the level of eyehole is uncomfortable, your eyes may wear out throughout the golfing game.
  6. Golf rangefinder must be kept secure, safe and clean throughout the course. You must carry a proper storage bag. Keep the lens of rangefinder clean and also wipe off the eyehole with a towel. The wiping towels are usually placed in a carrying case.
  7. In case if you have a laser or a digital rangefinder, make sure to place an additional battery. Your rangefinder battery may need replacement during play as battery drain out quickly if it is extremely hot or it may have had crossed its lifetime with repeated use. In that case if you do not have an extra battery, then it is a problem.

Some steps to follow with specific type of rangefinders:

If you have a laser rangefinder

  • The object, to which distance needs to be determined, must be in view. You must aim directly at the object throughout the course of view in order to get exact distances.
  • When you an eye on the target object pull the trigger of the rangefinder and a laser beam will emerge to your target.
  • Display screen of the laser rangefinder will show the distance calculated.
  • If the distance to target fails to lock, an error will be displayed and you would need to take the range once again.

If you have a GPS rangefinder

  • With a GPS rangefinder, you would need to load the course before you can leave for golf course. Most of the GPS devices today are sold with a monthly subscription service requirement.
  • When you reach the course, turn your rangefinder on and wait until it acquires the satellite GPS feed.
  • You then need to select the hole and available target that you will place your shot on. Most of the rangefinders have an option of pin distance measurement. You may also find some intermediary distance measurements available as an option during mapping of the golf course.
  • After you have successfully selected the hole, many of the rangefinders will shift to the next golf course hole automatically. In case if you are playing a tournament or game where course holes are not played in order, you can choose to select the next target manually and will get exact distance to the same.

Some Tips & Warnings to share

  • If you wish to buy a GPS golf range finding device, you must check for availability of mapping for your favorite golf courses where you usually play.
  • If you are planning to buy a laser rangefinder, be noted that they are a little hard to use in comparison to GPS devices. Before opting to buy a laser one, check if the course you play has additional reflectors to flagsticks for lasers in order to give benefit of distance measurement with laser devices.
  • You must check all the rules and regulations related to use of golf rangefinders in club tournaments before using these devices during play.
  • If you wish to keep yourself from excessive use of golf rangefinder, you can bring a notepad with you on the course and can write down your approach to specific holes and club distances to different holes. When you come back to play on the same course, this notepad details would prevent you from too much of use of rangefinder.

Golf Rangefinder Tutorial


Provided you follow some simple steps, golf rangefinders are not really hard to use. Whether you own an expensive device or a cheap golf rangefinder, using it over time would make you more comfortable and confident with your shots. These light weight and compact size devices works brilliantly well over golf field and would surely make you a better golfer.



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