Golf Rangefinder Maintenance – How to Take Care Of Your Golf Rangefinder

Golf Rangefinder Maintenance – How to Take Care Of Your Golf Rangefinder

Bushnell Unisex Pro X2 Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

Bushnell Unisex Pro X2 Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

Golf rangefinders whether laser or GPS are devices that can last for years and can give you trouble-free performance if used and maintained properly. A reasonable protection and care is the need of such instruments like all other electronic devices. Taking proper caution for using any golf rangefinder is crucial.

Golf Rangefinder Maintenance

With proper Golf Rangefinder Maintenance, you can avoid any hazardous incident or problem from occurring. All golf range finding devices usually include a user manual along with them and we recommend you to go through the manual for correct usage. Apart from that some general tips for care and maintenance of a golf rangefinder are included in this page for ease of reference.

Tips for Golf Rangefinder Maintenance

  • You must avoid banging these instruments or keep care of not dropping it on the ground from a height.
  • These devices are optical instruments so you should store them at a dry and cool place. Golfers usually commit this mistake and they leave their instrument in cars. Fluctuation of temperature in vehicles along with vibrations may damage this device. High humidity can result in water condensation on the surface of the lens and it may be damaged.
  • If your rangefinder has fold down eyecups, you should store it with the eyecups upAny kind of stress that eyecups may face with position downwards can be harmful. Other eyecups including twist-up and pop-up can be stored in any position.
  • Many of the golf range finders are waterproof and can be used in rainy season. But you must avoid exposure of these instruments to extreme weather conditions. Also these instruments are not advised for underwater usage. Also after use in a rainy day, you must make sure that the device is completely dried at room temperature before storing it.
  • Do not leave the device on a surface that is uneven or unstable or at a height. It may fall and get damaged.
  • Never leave the device in direct sunlight as excessive heat and UV rays would have a negative impact on rangefinder lens and body.

Special Care for Lens

In order to have your rangefinder work properly for years, you must keep lens of the rangefinder maintained and cleaned well. Some tips to follow for maintenance of lens include:

  • In order to get rid of the dust lying on the surface of the lens, you must use a soft brush that is oil-free.
  • For getting rid of the stains or smudges such as fingerprints from the lens, use a soft clean cotton cloth for wiping out stains. You can also use an oil-free tissue for lens. Clean the lens really gentle by rubbing softly in a circular motion in order to avoid any damage.
  • If you have some stains that are really stubborn and hard to remove. Use a really small quantity of pure alcohol. Make sure that the cloth is good quality.Avoid ordinary ones and velvet cloth. You may end up having scratches on your lens surface. You may also use a photographic quality lens tissue/cleaning cloth. A cloth once used should not be used again for cleaning of lens surface.
  • If you are not using the device, do not push the power button.
  • Keep your instrument out of reach of children.
  • You must never try repairing the product by disassembling it. Take it to a professional. Trying by oneself may cause a permanent irreparable damage. If warranty claim is applicable take it to the manufacturer. Once you have disassembled the product, you would not be able to claim warranty too.

Special Care for Main Body

  • Take a soft clean and dry cloth for cleaning the entire body of the rangefinderStrictly avoid using any thinner or other cleaning agents for these instruments. Such organic cleaning agents can result in degeneration of rubber of the body and can cause discoloration.
  • Water or sand on the body of your golf rangefinder must be removed immediately with the use of a dry clean cloth.

Special Care for Batteries

  • Batteries of the device must be handled carefully in order to avoid rupture or leak that may damage the instrument.
  • Batteries must be installed properly with poles signs followed and correct positioning.
  • You must remove batteries when you have used the device till exhaustion.
  • If for suppose you are going somewhere on a vacation and may not be using the device for extended periods, remove batteries.
  • Same brand of batteries must be used always with a device.
  • You must not short-circuit battery chamber terminals.
  • Batteries must not be kept with coins and keys in a pocket as overheating can damage batteries.
  • Batteries must not be subjected to extreme temperature and vibrations.

Special Care for GPS Watches

Advanced technology GPS watches are not introduced that incorporates more convenience, flexibility, accuracy and efficiency. These are not inexpensive devices and with proper care and maintenance, you can use them for a lifetime. Follow these tips to have reliable usage for years.

  • GPS watches are waterproof but extreme conditions can damage the watch. Avoid prolonged usage in extreme environmental conditions.
  • Use a soft clean damp cloth for cleaning the watch occasionally.
  • Clip contacts of the watch at the bottom must be cleaned with brush. Build-up of dirt may damage the surface.
  • Watch must not be exposed to strong chemicals like alcohol, gasoline etc. as it may cause damage.
  • Watch must be store in a cool dry place.
  • Correct batteries must be used in correct position. Batteries must be replaced by a qualified technician.
  • Avoid opening (disassembly) of watch.


Apart from proper usage golf rangefinder maintenance, complying with rules and regulation of golf is important in order to become a pro golfer. With regular maintenance, cleaning and taking care of these impressive and beneficial golf rangefinders you can play your golf game like a pro for years without any trouble.

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