Golf Laser Rangefinders – A Complete Buying Guide

Golf Laser RangefindersGolf laser rangefinders are being used by more golfers today than ever before. Golf professionals use these devices in their practice rounds to find yardages that will help them during their tournament rounds. Knowing the yardages to certain targets gives the golfer a distinct advantage when it comes to making the right decision on club selection.

How Golf Laser Rangefinders Work

Golf laser rangefinders uses a Class 1 eye-safe invisible laser beam to bounce a beam of light off a distant object. Then, the high-speed digital clock that’s in the range finder measures the time it takes for the laser beam to hit the target and return to the unit.

Next, the advanced electronics in the rangefinder will instantly calculate the distance within 1 yard +/- and then will show in either yards or meters the distance on a through the lens LCD display.

The amount of time it takes to press the button that generates the laser, to the time it takes to hit the target and return, is less than 1 second.

Golf Laser Rangefinders Target Reflectivity

Golf laser rangefinders use a laser beam to bounce off a target. In order to take a measurement, their range is partially determined by the reflectivity of the target. Targets that are categorized as hard are very reflective such as rocks or trucks, and targets which are categorized as soft like flags are less reflective and are harder for the device to give an accurate reading.

Moderately reflective targets, such as trees, fall somewhere in the middle. Small targets, such as flags, have been very difficult to target. Today, PinSeeker® Technology has eliminated the problem with soft targets that are not very reflective.

Golf was invented on the coast of Scotland during the 15th century and during that time until now, golfers have relied on different ways to determine the distance from their golf ball to the flag stick or some other point on the golf course.

Golfers have used tress, bushes, plates sunk into the ground, sprinklers heads with yardages marked on them to the golfer simply using their eyes to guess at the distance. Now, with the addition of golf laser rangefinders, golfers can find the distances to any target they wish to know of as long as there is a straight line of sight view between the laser and the target.

Having the distance to a specific target allows the golfer to make a more accurate decision on club selection that will get closer to the target and in the hole with as few as strokes thus lowering their scores and having a more enjoyable round.

The USGA announced in September of 2005 that as of January of 2006 that distance measuring devices were permitted for use for the purpose of measuring distances only and not allowed to give the golfer any other information such as weather conditions, wind speed or any other conditions that might affect the player’s play.

Advantages Of Golf Laser Rangefinders

  • Laser rangefinders give the golfer exact measurements to any target that the laser can be put on.
  • Lasers are accurate to within +/- 1yard at a distance of up to 500 yards.
  • There is no need to up date software since the device will work on any golf course.
  • Looking through the eye-piece  is like looking through a pair of binoculars that magnifies the target to give a better look at what may lie ahead that the human eye might not see.
  • Battery life on laser rangefinders long due to the fact that the unit is only used when it is taking a reading.

Disadvantages of golf Laser Rangefinders

  • There are no measurements to the front, center, and back of the green. There is no way to know where the flag sits on the green.
  • Some lasers require a steady hand in order for the unit to pickup  the designated target. The farther away the target is, the more chances for getting an inaccurate reading because the unit is not picking up the target your aiming at.
  • If your in a situation where there is no line of site to your target, the laser is useless. There must be a clear view of the target in order to get a reading. This is a situation where you might want to consider a golf gps rangefinder or even a golf hybrid rangefinder

Golf Laser Rangefinders Will Lower Your Scores

The  purchase of golf rangefinders has exploded over the past couple of years. Companies such as Nikon, Bushnell and others that are involved in the field of optics continue to introduce products that give that golfers the ability to make better decisions on the course which improve handicaps and lower scores.

Bushnell is one maker that’s used by more than 95% of professionals on the tour today. Golfers and their caddies use these devices to take readings in practice rounds that will help them in tournament rounds. Not only will these units help lower your scores, they will also improve the pace of play which will give golfers a more pleasurable round.

Today, golfers will buy just about anything that will help them when it comes to the game of golf. But, if you are really serious about improving your handicap and lowering your scores, then you might want to consider adding a golf laser rangefinder to your arsenal.

What’s your favorite Golf Laser Rangefinder?

From our list of the best laser rangefinders for golf, which pack would you consider? There will surely be more to choose from in the coming months, if none of these pique your interest. Let us know how you prefer to stay hydrated when you are biking by leaving a comment in the appropriate box.






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