Golf Hybrid Rangefinders – The Best Of Both Worlds

Golf Hybrid RangefindersGolf Hybrid rangefinders gives golfers the best of both worlds. You get the accuracy of  a golf laser rangefinder and the convenience of a golf gps rangefinder. Too many times we hit golf shots into spots where we don’t have the line of site needed for a laser rangefinder to be useful to us. If you have a clear line of site to your target you can’t beat a golf laser rangefinder.

Their accuracy tops the golf gps rangefinders. But, what do you do when you hit your shot into a position where you can’t see your target? Well, that’s where the convenience of a gps rangefinder gives you the distances you need that allows you to choose the right club. Remember, course management is the key to shooting lower scores and improving your game.

Features And Benefits Of Golf Hybrid Rangefinders:

  • The Accuracy of a laser and the convenience of a gps – You can’t beat the accuracy of the laser. But if your not in a spot where you have line of site to your target, then the gps will give the measurements necessary to make an informed decision on club choice.
  • Golf laser rangefinders are accurate to +/- 1 yd – The laser is more accurate than the gps models by a few yards, the only problem is that the farther out from your target, the harder it becomes to lock onto your target.
  • Magnification-Looking through the laser range finder is like looking through a pair of binoculars. They can magnify what you see by 5x. This can help you see things down the fairway that you might other wise miss with your regular eye site.
  • Pre-loaded golf courses – Like the gps rangefinders, the hybrid rangefinders come with pre-loaded courses that covers the U.S. If you can’t find your own course, you can manually down load it onto the range finder.
  • Yardages – Now with combining both gps and laser technologies, there isn’t any place on the golf course where you can’t get the right yardage to your target.
  • Auto Hole Advance – Like most gps rangefinders, auto hole advance works as you move throughout your round advancing from hole to hole as you play your round.
  • Auto Course Recognition – With thousands of courses pre-loaded into the units, when you start your round, the rangefinder automatically locks onto the course your playing and begins tracking your game.
  • No Membership Fees – With most units there is a membership fee on top of the cost of the unit in order to track stats.
  • Built in Tripod – You can attach your range finder to your golf cart for easy access.

Watch The Video Below To See More On Hybrid Rangefinders

There are pros and cons to both types of golf rangefinders. Gps rangefinders are not as accurate as the laser rangefinders, and battery time still allows for not much more than a round or maybe two before a charge is required.  The learning curve on many gps models can be difficult to pick up and put into use without having masters degree.

Golf laser rangefinders won’t do you any good if you don’t have line of site to your target. And, it would be nice to know where on the green the pin sits. A gps unit can tell you the yardages to the front, back, and center of the green, but will not tell you exactly the distance to the pin.

That’s where the golf hybrid rangefinders gives you the best of both worlds. These units will probably be the way most golfers go in the future.

What’s your favorite Golf Hybrid Rangefinder?

From our list of the best hybrid rangefinders for golf, which pack would you consider? There will surely be more to choose from in the coming months, if none of these pique your interest. Let us know how you prefer to stay hydrated when you are biking by leaving a comment in the appropriate box.





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