Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch – Golf Rangefinder Best Value

Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch – Golf Rangefinder Best Value

Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch Review

Bushnell Neo ION Golf GPS Watch

The Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch is a simple golf GPS watch that delivers a wide range of useful information on the course, such as a distance calculator, lay-up distances per hole or hazards, as well as an integrated step counter. The clear, large text on screen is very easy to read and a very comfortable sport-style watch to wear.

Product Description

Pre-loaded - The Bushnell Neo Ion comes with 35,000 golf courses from around the world as standard and span nearly 30 countries. Any future courses or updates are available to download with no fees charged.

Battery life - The battery life is quite useful with a single charge enough to last at least three full rounds. This GPS watch runs on the rechargeable battery, so there is no need to keep buying the replacement batteries. Also, the battery life for the watch mode is in the region of 24 months.

Auto course recognition - The GPS watch has the ability to instantly detect the course you are on if stored in its database. Plus, the watch will continue to update to the next hole without needing to manually advance.

Shot distance - Use the device to quickly get accurate shot distance measurements to fully appreciate your shot abilities. This info can be used to improve your game play in areas where you may lack the desired shot distance.

Also, this GPS watch will instantly calculate the distance to the back, center or front area of the green. With quick access the yardages it is much easier to pick the right club.

Sports band - The Bushnell Neo Ion has a soft and comfortable silicone inject sports band to make it very comfortable to wear on the golf course.

Product features

  • Pre-loaded with 35,000 plus golf courses from around the world
  • Long battery life (up to 3 full rounds per charge)
  • Easy to read display
  • Shot distance calculator
  • Lay-up/hazard distances (maximum of 4 per hole)
  • Soft silicone sport band
  • Round odometer
  • USB charging
  • No download or membership fees


  • Great watch strap that is extremely comfortable
  • Course data is very accurate
  • Battery life in this watch is excellent – it can easily reach two full 4.5 hour rounds with plenty of battery power to spare
  • Charging is an easy process via a USB port
  • Initial set up is easy


  • The great battery life and extra features mean it is a little chunky
  • Silicone band can get a little sweaty in high heat and humidity


Overall, the Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch is certain to give excellent value for money. It is packed with useful features and gives the accurate and fast distances and the extras should make it easy to achieve the correct shot more often. Plus, the golf watch style means it is conveniently placed on the wrist and comfortable to wear (unless it is very hot on the course).

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Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch

Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch


9.0 /10

Build quality

9.5 /10

Ease of use

9.5 /10

USGA Legal

10.0 /10


  • Pre-loaded with 35,000 plus golf courses
  • Long battery
  • Easy to read display
  • No download or membership fees


  • Battery life and extra features makes it chunky
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